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Hello, and welcome to The FemiNinja Project, a show dedicated to restoring human dignity one person at a time and helping YOU unleash your personal power! 

Sep 21, 2020

Dennis Berry is a life coach specializing in addiction recovery, alcoholism, and life mastery. He is also a motivational speaker, author, and host of The Funky Brain Podcast. His best-selling book is titled Funky Wisdom: A Practical Guide to Life.

Dennis shares his personal story about how his journey in sobriety and recovery helped him find his mission in life, which is to help others in their own journey through sobriety. He also shares life’s lessons and practical tips how you can remove the blocks that are keeping you from living your best life. Dennis addresses the power of forgiveness, personal responsibility, the ability to connect with your feelings, and how getting out of your comfort zone can lead you to a path of self-discovery.  

Download this inspiring and information packed episode to discover your path to self-respect, self-love, and how to master every aspect of your life.   



YouTube: Funky Brain Podcast with Dennis Berry

LinkedIn: DennisBerry1

Facebook: LifeCoach.DennisBerry

Instagram: dennisberry_