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Hello, and welcome to The FemiNinja Project, a show dedicated to restoring human dignity one person at a time and helping YOU unleash your personal power! 

May 14, 2024

Chelsea Husum is an author, speaker, soon-to-be podcast host, mother of 2 sons, proud wife, and construction entrepreneur. 

She is a trail blazer in the male dominated construction industry as well as a survivor, thriver, and a force to be reckoned with who has successfully triumphed over significant adversity and...

Nov 28, 2023

Jayson Downing is a former Marine Corps Captain and combat veteran with multiple overseas deployments. He holds multiple graduate degrees with honors and has worked as a college professor and business consultant. 

Jayson is also an author. His recently released book is titled “Reawakening the Warrior Spirit:...

Nov 16, 2023

Debbie Weiss is a best-selling author, coach, speaker, and podcaster who inspires women to take control of their lives by harnessing their inner power regardless of their circumstances. 

With over 50 years’ experience dealing with some of life’s toughest challenges, Debbie is an expert in chasing your own dreams...

Oct 5, 2023

Isaiah Orozco went from making over a six-figure income to becoming an alcoholic and drug addict with legal problems and struggling with severe anxiety and depression, to eventually losing it all. He managed to climb out of the mud and build something much bigger and better than he had before. 

Isaiah is now making...

Sep 21, 2023

Orazie Cook is the founder and Executive Director of Praline’s Backyard Foundation, which is tirelessly dedicated to removing barriers that domestic abuse survivors face when seeking safety for themselves and their cherished pets. 

With a background in public health and a passion for animal welfare, Orazie...