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Hello, and welcome to The FemiNinja Project, a show dedicated to restoring human dignity one person at a time and helping YOU unleash your personal power! 

Oct 26, 2020

Barbara Ellison is a speaker, author, and Certified Personality Science Coach. Barbara is also a self-proclaimed Happiness Expert, and she is on a mission to share with the world that happiness can be the norm rather than the exception.

Barbara shares her surprising journey to becoming an expert on happiness, and how...

Oct 19, 2020

Getting out of our comfort zone is important for personal growth and development. But, how far would you be willing to push yourself? Meet Shelly Piaggio, entrepreneur, business owner, mom, and grandmother who took getting out of her comfort zone to a higher level by jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.


Oct 12, 2020

Sue Relihan is a Registered Psychotherapist, Breakthrough and Transformational Expert, and #1 International Best-Selling author. She believes that self-acceptance and self-compassion are the tools to creating positive life changes.

Sue is passionate about helping others find their self-acceptance because of her own...

Oct 5, 2020

Often we are quick to make snap judgement regarding the people we come across in life. But, what if you were given the job of passing judgement on another human being, and literally holding his life in your hands? Carl Dubler can tell you what it’s like.

Carl is a software professional, suburban Dad, and author...