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Jun 15, 2023

Collin Hughes is a cowboy, retired airline pilot, voice actor, public speaker, host of the Miracles of tragedy podcast, and founder of “Choose Life Not Death,” which is dedicated to suicide prevention, especially among teenagers. 

 Collin is also a spokesperson for The Malinois Foundation, which trains and donates psychiatric service dogs for veterans, women abuse survivors, first responders, and children with special needs. He became an advocate for suicide awareness and prevention when his beautiful and beloved fifteen-year-old granddaughter Evangelina (nicknamed Lina), committed suicide on June 10, 2022.

Although this is a difficult topic, Collin uses the power of storytelling to describe his relationship with his granddaughter along with the sequence of events in his life which led him to the point in his life where he was reunited with estranged family members. His shares the power of forgiveness, redemption, relationships, love, and the miracles that can come from tragedies.

Download this episode to hear his powerful story, and his message of hope and love. Please share this episode and this message with everyone you know to help prevent the tragedy of teen suicide.