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Jun 6, 2022

Dina Rifkin is a life coach who helps women in dating, relationships, and empowerment. She is also an author, healer, speaker, priest, and doctorate student of Chinese Medicine. Her recently released book is titled Date Better, Darling!

Dina is a self-proclaimed “bad dater,” which resulted in disastrous relationships as well as two divorces. In a moment of clarity, Dina realized that she needed to change her dating strategy as well as her self-image. She went on a self-imposed “man-tox,” abstaining from dating until she learned how to love herself.

Dina started by dating herself, trying new activities, learning to have fun, and being comfortable with who she was as a person. After finding self-love, she returned to dating with a clear mind, an open heart, and a list of questions for her dates. Seventy-one dates later, she discovered love at first list, when her date pulled out a list of his own.

Download this entertaining and uplifting episode, which is full of great stories and wonderful tips to help YOU discover your own path to the art and the heart of self-love.