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Feb 14, 2022

Jamie MoCrazy is a keynote speaker, resilience advocate, and resilience sport expert. She is also a TBI survivor and co-founder of MoCrazy Strong, an organization which provides TBI specific opportunities and education as well as inspirational keynotes, programs, and workshops for TBI survivors and corporate organizations.

Jamie was literally on top of the world as a world cup professional skier when it all came crashing down. In a split second, she went from being an elite professional athlete to being unable to walk, talk, and even swallow. In this episode, Jamie shares her story or recovery and triumph in spite of the odds.

She now shares her unique stories with her audiences to help them understand how to be resilient when encountering crises. Download this uplifting and inspiring episode to learn how it is possible to recover from anything life throws your way, and how you can reach your peak performance as you climb the mountain of life.

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Twitter JamieCraneMauzy