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Oct 5, 2020

Often we are quick to make snap judgement regarding the people we come across in life. But, what if you were given the job of passing judgement on another human being, and literally holding his life in your hands? Carl Dubler can tell you what it’s like.

Carl is a software professional, suburban Dad, and author of “Playing God in Chair Twelve: A Juror’s Faith Changing Journey.” His award winning book is based on the true story about his unexpected experience as a juror on a ten week-long double murder trial, and how his experience with crime and punishment changed his faith, politics, and how he views others.

Download this compelling and thought provoking episode to hear Carl’s remarkable story, his heartfelt compassion for everyone involved in the case, his insights into the real life workings of a murder trial, and the gut wrenching decision which he and his fellow jurors were faced with. You do not want to miss this. It will change how you view other people as well as yourself.


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