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Hello, and welcome to The FemiNinja Project, a show dedicated to restoring human dignity one person at a time and helping YOU unleash your personal power! 

May 16, 2023

Leann Stickel is a Certified Life and Chronic Illness Coping Coach, Speaker, mother of four, and Chief Joy Bringer. She is also a Multiple Sclerosis Warrior who was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in 2009 when she was 29 years old and had four kids all under the age of six. 

Leann is the ultimate optimist who helps her clients experience the magic of positivity while empowering them to be in charge of their own story. She shares her secrets on how to stay positive and optimistic while living with a chronic condition. She helps her clients discover that they are not defined by their chronic illness, how to learn positivity, feel encouraged, and gain momentum as they find their path to the “other side of miserable.”         

Leann is also very active in fund raising, and is the founder and owner of Tri 2 Beat MS Kids’ Triathlon, a non-profit which raises money to help people with MS while teaching kids the value and importance of physical fitness, community, and fund raising at the same time.

Download this positive and encouraging episode to hear Leann’s incredible story and message of hope and encouragement. You will want to share it with everyone you know who needs to hear her uplifting message.