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Hello, and welcome to The FemiNinja Project, a show dedicated to restoring human dignity one person at a time and helping YOU unleash your personal power! 

Mar 8, 2021

Josiane Fortin is an author, entrepreneur, mom, multipotentialite coach, and the host of the Self-Publishing Queen podcast. Josiane shares her love of lifelong learning which she explored through living in two different foreign countries as an exchange student and becoming fluent in three languages. She also challenges her clients to get out of their comfort zone to unleash their full potential.  

As a coach, Josiane specializes in helping people pursue all of their passions without losing focus while also maintaining balance in their lives. As the Queen of Self-Publishing, she helps people find their voice by telling their story and sharing it to the world through self-publishing.

This episode is full of excellent advice and valuable tips that you can apply to every aspect of your life, and Josiane shares it with charm and grace. Download this episode to get out of your comfort zone and unleash your full potential. (podcast) (podcast) (coaching) (coaching)

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